Children with Drawings of Forest Animals


We compensate the instructors for the services they render by helping them defray the cost of completing their studies to become professional teachers.  By so doing, we not only improve the quality of the Loma Alta schools, but also help the instructors become more productive members of their community. To date, three have obtained their full teaching credentials. Without the PAN program, these dedicated individuals would either be unemployed or working in the fields or as day laborers.  


For the past few years, PAN has donated school supplies to the children of Loma Alta.  This year, we were able to provide all the texts and materials needed by the village's 300 elementary school students, who were delighted with the opportunity to attend school !


And last year, we established a library at the main Loma Alta school, to enable teachers, students and adults to obtain books and other reading matter relating to the environment.  The professors also use the materials to teach the environmental education classes mandated by the village council.



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