Distribution of School Materials


Since 1996, PAN has allocated funds to help Loma Alta appoint additional instructors.  We began by instituting a remedial summer school program for the El Suspiro children who had failed to advance to the next grade.  The project was so successful that, by 1999, we were providing for five full time assistant teachers at the Loma Alta and El Suspiro settlements.


The instructors are drawn from among the handful of villagers who have University training  and dream of becoming professional teachers.  They are approved by and work under the supervision of the three government appointed school directors. They are pursuing their teaching degrees by attending school at night and on weekends.  As members of the community, they are responsive to both the children's and their parents' needs and concerns.


This year, we were fortunate to be able to provide Loma Alta with the means to contract for eight instructors (including one dedicated solely to environmental education), thus reducing the student-teacher ratio from 100 - 1 to less than 30 - 1 and permitting each grade at the main Loma Alta settlement to have its own instructor.


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