In 1996, PAN opened a tagua jewelry workshop in El Suspiro to provide an alternate source of income to villagers who had agreed to stop hunting and cease slash and burn agriculture in the newly created Loma Alta Ecological Reserve.  We currently work with artisans in three communities and are striving to find new market opportunities for them.   Towards that end, we have prepared a catalogue of the items made by the villagers.  If you know of a potential market (store, school, organization or fair) for their products and/or wish to help distribute them, please let us know.

We display and sell items from the catalogue at New York City's Ecofest in September (exact date to be announced).  Please visit the PAN booth at this fair.

You may also order items directly from PAN.  All proceeds go directly to the artisans and to support other critical PAN programs in the community.

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